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Striped Linen Napkins


Lovely linen is one of the small luxuries of life.  Napkins and tablecloths that have great texture and proper weight are so much more pleasurable to use and they will look and feel better the more you use them.  How many things in life can you say that about?

One of our bete noirs is tea towels.  Washing up is one of those boring but necessary tasks and we all have tea towels out on show in our kitchens, so why are they always so grotty and uninspiring?  Here are some designs that will make the washing up seem slightly less onerous and will look good.

Striped Linen Napkins

Red & White Striped.jpg
Red & White Striped.jpg

Striped Linen Napkins


My husband would say that I have a bad napkin habit - I have drawersful and love them. And of course, if you have the napkins, then you need to have the tablecloth to compliment it too.

These are all top quality, heavy french linen. They have an amazing texture to them and will last for years - the sort of thing that your children will be glad to have passed down to them one day.

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